Ilona Van den Bergh is a sculptural thinker.

She is ceramic designer specialized in contemporary (functional) objects, often inspired by architectural and graphical shapes. She transforms objects for daily use into sculptural gems, breathing serenity, poetry and purity.


Her designs for her own label are highly appreciated all over the world.


Next to her own collection she also designs custom-made tableware for restaurants, design labels, galeries,...


Her sculptural work is a translation of the place where Ilona finds quiet and purity, revealing her vulnerability and deepest thoughts. A place to slow down. A place where everything is reduced to its essence, to primal forms. Square versus round. Lines versus surface versus shadows. Characteristic to all her work.


The designs she makes are produced by herself with ultimate care in her own studio in Belgium in small quantities.



The next few months I will take my time to develop new ideas, charge my batteries and overthink my future as ceramicist.