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(John O'Donohue)


The workshops are online ! Check here  (only dutch spoken)

Holidays !

The studio is closed in July. Happy holidays !


Exactly one month before Christmas I am keeping a huge stocksale. I need space for new projects so I am selling out ! Wholesale prices.


See you on November 25th ! (from 10h till 17h. Grote Bergen 19, Heindonk, Belgium )



Young at hearth ♥︎ Actief Wonen ↓

I can't express how proud and happy I am to be considered as one of the upcoming and rising Belgian design talents by the design magazine Actief Wonen. (October Edition).


Among six youthful designers there I am, a late bloomer. But nevertheless : I bloom ! 




With @jungobron @joachimfroment @annesophie.muller @filipverbraken @alexandrelowie @nelverbeke

Blog : Workshop ↓

The results for the first workshop I gave about making a mold starting from your own design, were stunning. My students made me very proud ! Next to these beautiful results I am also happy to have met these beautiful people. We had a great time and had a lot of fun ! It was a success in all possible ways.



"Ik heb echt een mooie tijd meegemaakt, zoveel lieve en plezierige dames leren kennen en vooral veel gelachen. Het was een geweldige toffe cursus, op een plezante manier en met veel kennis gegeven. Zoals iedereen zal ik ook de donderdagavondjes missen.

Mijn handen kribbelen om te beginnen.

Ilona, het was fantastisch en zeer leerrijk. Hartelijk dank." Rita


Dit is gewoonweg FANTASTISCH Ilona en onder de indruk dat zelfs stuntelig geklungel en bruut geweld (ik spreek hier voor mezelf ;-) nog kan leiden tot iets dat AARDIG begint te lijken op èchte KERAMIEK en géén POTTENBAKKERIJ.

Supertof dat je nog zo'n mooie foto's hebt gemaakt.

JIJ bent een GEWELDIG voorbeeld en een BIJZONDER getalenteerde workshop instructeur: geduldig, oplossingsgericht, ondersteunend, pro-actief, gul en zeer inspirerend.

Je hebt ons - tussen het lachen door - helemaal ZEN gemaakt en we plannen al volop om al wat we geleerd hebben in bescheiden stapjes verder te zetten.

Even enthousiast over de toffe groep. Zo "goddelijk" en ieder met zijn eigen ervaring en stijl. Heel boeiend!


REUZE BEDANKT voor deze wonderlijke ervaring. Katrijn

BLOG - inspiration - dried flowers ↓

With Easter Monday I went for a walk with my family. I am a lucky girl, living in a very green and quiet area with lots of water, trees and beautiful views. It's good food for my soul.

Spring awakens very late this year because of the cold temperatures. It still looks like it is winter outside, no fresh spring colors yet. But while walking I noticed a lot of dried plants at the river side and I couldn't resist to pick some to make a bouquet...and some pictures of course. These dried plants are showing their essence, their fragility. After having given al their beauty to us while they were living, they become even more beautiful while they are dying, at least : when you want to see it.  The beauty of nature. I enjoy these things so much.


mOOn - sold by WallpaperStore* ↓

Circle, a perfectly closed, round line. One of the strongest shapes, archetypes known and used throughout the history of mankind. Powerful in its simplicity, as the sun and the moon.


It was a challenge for me to work with this perfect shape. I altered the line and broke the surface. I created for each object a new curve, a new route, a new life. A poetic deflection.


mOOn is available in 3 sizes (ø 25 - 15 - 10cm), colored with different matt sinterengobes. (white - grey - brown - red - pink - peach).

Sold by WallpaperStore* (white - grey - brown - red)

S O L O E X H I B I T I O N ↓

I N I A M / A D E M I N


This is about a journey of breathing in.

A journey towards the inner self. To find silence, beauty, balance and joy.

A journey to a place where one only has his heartbeat as companion. Peeling off all the layers we use to protect or hide ourselves.

What will remain ? And with what is left, what will you do ? What composition will you make ? What is your story to tell ? What will or would you leave in the box ?


It is about unicity versus universality. About our layers. About the choices we make and the final result of these choices.


With a limited range of geometric shapes (boxes) and colors, I created my inner world.

Be welcome.


Opening of my solo exhibition on Feb. 9th at 20h.

Open every Saturday and Sunday from 14h till 18h from Feb 10th till March 11th.

 A.Van Landeghemstraat 101, Willebroek (old townhouse)

W O R K S H O P 2 0 1 8 !!! ↓

In de eerste workshop begeleid ik je van ontwerp tot gietmal om je eigen kommetje of kopje te maken. 

In een tweede workshop leer je een mal voor je eigen ontbijtbord te maken. 

Op het einde van elke serie lessen ga je telkens naar huis met een mal van je eigen ontwerp en kan je zelf aan de slag. Na de twee series heb je dus alles in huis om je eigen *ontbijtset* te maken.
Ik geef aan mijn cursisten ook de kans om hun eerste resultaten bij mij te laten glazuren en bakken. 

Elke workshop bestaat uit 4 lessen.

WORKSHOP 1 : een gietmal voor een *kopje/kommetje*.

WORKSHOP 2 : een gietmal voor een *dessertbord*

De workshops gaan enkel door indien er voor elke serie minimum 4 inschrijvingen zijn. Het maximum aantal deelnemers is 5 personen. Dus het blijft sowieso een gezellig klein groepje zodat ik iedere cursist voldoende intens kan begeleiden.

Ben je hiervoor geïnteresseerd en wil je er meer over weten ? Stuur me een mailtje en ik bezorg je alle informatie.

A present from the hearth





Find unique presents at the Christmas shopping at Huiskamergalerie YoHanneke. (Schuttersvest 25, Mechelen)

Friday Dec. 15th from 18h till 21h and Sat/Sun Dec. 16th & 17th from 14h till 18h.

I'll be present ! 

With WallpaperStore* at the Brussels Design September shop

My mOOn-bowls will be exhibited at the pop-up shop at Brussels Design in a coöperation with WallpaperStore*. Place to be : MAD, Oude Graanmarkt 10, Brussels, from September 7 till October 1, from 11h till 19h each day.


Since 2010, MAD has devoted itself to strengthening the promotion, accompanying the development, and increasing the (inter)national influence of Brussels creators and designers, developing a working methodology for this purpose that is unique in Europe.

The product mix features work by talents on the Belgian scene like Cruso, Moome, Valérie Objects, Pierre-Emmanuel Vandeputte, Michaël Verheyden, Muller Van Severen, Jean François D’Or, Ilona Van Den Bergh, and more, alongside exclusive products from WallpaperSTORE*, giving design fanatics the chance to snap up Bitossi Ceramiche, Rosenthal and La Chance, as well as pieces by Belgian talents.


There is a lot going on ! I'm happy to announce that one of these things is my solo exhibition in February of next year in Belgium. More information will follow.

° I ° L I K E ° G R E E N

With some leftovers I made some plates and bowls to use myself. And actually this is my favorite tableware at this moment.




This year I will attend with 3 projects at the first Milan HUNGRYFORDESIGN-event, the first fuorisalone format in wich design merges with the food serving industry !


For the OnA tableware I created a total new look with fresh spring colors combined with the beauty of terracotta.


mOON, still a very successful design


And last but not least : S.ThING, a new design : 

 Is it a spoon, a scoop or a food pricker ? It is all of that !

It can be worn as a jewel on your finger while you're lounging around on that crazy party you're attending, stinging the most gorgeous snacks. Eating a bite becomes a sexy thing. S.ThING ! 

Handmade (by myself) of ultralight porcelain. It fits everyone !



when the sun makes poetry

While I was busy at my desk, the sun was playing with one of my wall pieces STILL. Together they make poetry.

Beauty is everywhere if you open your mind for it. 


SOON SOON SOON ! I will attend this event with my work (lots of new things !) SAVE THE DATE !

More news will follow.


MOON and the world

Since the DEZEEN-article appeared, MOON goes worldwide : China, Spain, Portugal, UK, Australia...

I'm amazed and very happy with all this love for MOON.

Today I received a beautiful email from the two ladies of Detail Collective from Australia. I read the article they wrote about me an felt me completely understood. Very heartwarming. I love to share the article with you :

Ilona Van den Bergh is a Belgian ceramicist who aims to imbue her work with 'an atmosphere of serenity'.   The result is a beautiful collection of work that we can't wait to show you...

MOON discovered by design magazine DEZEEN

Thank you so much DEZEEN !

Curious ? Check the article here

on the move

Op zaterdag 13 december open ik mijn pop-up atelier/shop in hartje Mechelen. Kom gerust langs om een kijkje te nemen, te zien wat er in de aanbieding is of van een glaasje mee te genieten.

Graag een seintje vooraf.

EXHIBITION in PARIS, Eléphant Paname, 09/2014, organized by Visit Flanders

EXHIBITION in MILAN where I received the YATZER-LABEL for my design ONA, best of Milan 2014

'Anne Tack' is one of the shops where my work is sold. It is also one of those shops where I would love to have everything that she is selling...It's a mix of the most beautiful vintage pieces and honestly handcrafted pieces. Anne Tack is a master in finding and combining  these treasures. A must see when you visit Brussels. I promise you a warm welcome. Anne Tack, Kasteleinsplein, Elsene.

Nice article in the monthly journal of Kunstenloket.

Leuke kanttekening over mijn 'werk' deze maand bij Kunstenloket. Lees het hier

Visit PING at the exhibition 'De INVASIE toont' in Designmuseum Gent. Till September 13th. Don't miss it !